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Get the benefits of a regular gym session in half the time!

High Vibe is a fitness studio specialising in Vibration Plate training. We offer short 30 minute personalised workout programs for busy people or for those of you who don’t enjoy or can’t use a regular gym.
Your 30 minute workout on a power plate at High Vibe gives you the benefits of an hour and a half’s exercise in the gym! Power plates force your muscles to work extremely hard to stabilise against the vibration generated from the plate whilst you exercise, this helps to burn more energy, improve muscle strength, tone and increase overall fitness in less time than a traditional workout.
Originally used by astronauts to prepare for zero gravity, vibration plates can help you to lose body fat, improve health and fitness and rehabilitate after injury. It’s also great for those of you who have specific issues such as diastasis or joint problems, and for those who are just getting into exercise for the first time or have been inactive for a while and need a kick-start. Whatever your reasons for vising us we’re sure we can help so get in touch…
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We’ve been in East Dulwich since 2010 and have helped many people with our unique personal training service.  We guarantee you’ll receive a bespoke workout tailored to your fitness level and specific goals, and if you stick with it you’ll get great results.

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What our clients say

After completing my course I feel stronger, look leaner and have more confidence than I’ve had in a long time. I hate going to the gym and Gianni’s relaxed attitude is so refreshing. It’s amazing to enjoy a workout and see such fantastic results!
Brook X
I like the small but spacious premises. Amazed at the weight loss in 4 weeks. I lost 3.5 Kilos with minimum effort and now have toned thighs, bingo wings are flying away and I’m aware of my stomach muscles for the first time in many years…
Maureen T
I loved the fact I was able to bring my son and he could watch me exercise. I feel a lot more toned and it has also improved my skin, I’ll definitely book another course-highly recommended!
Elle U
I’d defy the fittest of blokes not to feel the pain or see the benefits!…..Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!!!
Andy P
I have been training at High Vibe for 6 weeks and my body is changing rapidly. I’m amazed how these short workouts can have such a positive effect on my entire body. In the space of a few weeks I have dropped a whole dress size!
Terri G
I really enjoy the sessions- and the witty banter that accompanies them… and it’s the first time for ages I’ve managed to fit evening exercise into my timetable. I’ve seen amazing results- I saw a change after about 2 weeks so very motivating
Kerry M
I tried High Vibe to help recovery from a serious knee operation. It has been very effective at strengthening my knee and massively reduced pain and swelling. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend High Vibe for injury rehabilitation
Harriet T
I came to High Vibe Post Natal, hoping to lose weight and get fitter. I lost over 7.5kg in 6 weeks! Gianni’s an excellent instructor and very encouraging. I’d recommend High Vibe,especially to mums with limited time who want fast results.
Catherine M
I was looking to lose weight and get fit and I have seen amazing results. It’s great to have High Vibe in the neighborhood! It’s become a little community and with Gianni’s personal touch it makes one feel well looked after.
Beatrice S
I wanted to lose weight and tone up. Results – I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, I feel healthier, happier and weigh almost a stone less! It’s great fun, it works, and it’s only 30 minutes!! What more could you ask for…?
Cathy Z