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Vibration Plate Gym London

“Great workout. After the long office hours, I always go in low on energy and high on stress. A half hour later I come out stress-free and full of energy. Gianni is fab!”
// Isabel Perez

“I came to High Vibe Post Natal, hoping to lose weight and get fitter. I lost over 7.5kg in 6 weeks! Gianni’s an excellent instructor and very encouraging. I’d recommend High Vibe, especially to mums with limited time who want fast results.” // Catherine M

“Brilliant little studio, 5 mins from my house. I have kids and work full time so finding time to go to actual gym can be difficult. High Vibe is great as I can pop in on my way home from work and then go pick the kids up. It’s super effective and I get so much more from those 30 mins than I would at the gym. High Vibe is perfect if you’re “too busy” to exercise. Love it.” //Sonja Townsend

“This is perfect for me as I am unable to run and use weights. My muscles get a really good work out and I can always feel it the next day. You can work at your own pace (with Gianni’s one to one supervision), and take it as hard or as lightly as you want to. I have recently had some ‘bone surgeries’ and I have also used Gianni in my rehab program, increasing my bone density (and it’s also a great way to stave off Osteoporosis). Whether you are looking to increase your muscle mass, rehabilitate yourself or just become stronger and fitter, it’s worth asking for a trial session.It really has worked wonders for me and has changed my body shape. //Shain Jarvis