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We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts and try to keep things as flexible as possible.  Simply choose the right package and come as often as you like. If you’re using High Vibe as a stand-alone exercise, then 2-3 times per week is optimum. However, if you’re using it as an addition to an existing exercise regime then once a week may be enough for you. If you’re not sure which package to go for give us a call to discuss it. 02086933955 or email

Each session lasts 30 minutes including a warm up and a cool down massage. Off-peak hours are 12-5pm Mon-Fri.

Session Prices

1 Session



10 Sessions

£150 peak

£130 off-peak


15 Sessions

£215 peak

£195 off-peak


20 Sessions

£270 peak

£245 off-peak


Vibration Plate Gym London

“Highvibe is great fun and Gianni is always on hand to help and encourage me do more every time!” // Tim Ward
“After a few weeks training with Gianni I’m really starting to notice a difference – I’m stronger, more toned and my clothes fit better!” // Victoria Roberts
“Love my power plate sessions with Gianni, always feel good afterwards and can already see changes in my body shape and muscles definitions after only a few weeks! Really nice atmosphere, I have never liked gyms but this is totally different, I wouldn’t dream of missing my sessions! Highly recommended!” // Magali Cambe
“Great work outs with brilliant banter in a non-competitive environment. The 30 minute sessions are great as I can take my kids and they sit and watch (laugh!). This is the fittest I have ever been, and it’s been relatively painless.” // Laura Hollis-Ryan