Positivity switchI read something inspiring the other day. A story of a guy who overcame extreme adversity to achieve great things. And it got me thinking. I’ve been a little down in the mouth lately, things getting on top of me; 3 kids, no time, no sleep blah blah blah… And after reading his story, and how he overcame the hand he’d been given, I realised something; how you think, and act in any situation determines the outcome of that situation. That can be applied to any scenario. You may be facing unimaginable problems, but if you can manage to keep a cool head, and a positive attitude then almost anything can be overcome. The way he explains it is that by acting positively on the outside, physically that is, by being aware of your posture and your body language, you send positive messages to your brain which in turn, reciprocates and sends positive feelings back around your body so creating a positive cycle. And by changing that negative into a positive you’re much more capable of handling any given situation. So rather than thinking of all the obstacles in your way, you’ll begin to find creative ways to get over them. It’s almost like flicking a switch, because just as positive actions lead to positive results, the same goes the other way. So if you’re inclined to feel nervous, or scared of a new challenge, or a new situation then that leads on to more negative feelings and it’s a downward spiral from then on. So basically I see it as you have 2 choices, you either say ‘I can’t do ….X…., I’m not good enough…’ or whatever your excuse might be, or you say ‘I can do this, and although I’m not quite where I want to be yet, I’m going to start and will get there at some point…’

So with that in mind, I have a challenge for you. A 6 week challenge to be exact. I ran this earlier in the year and it was a great success with the majority of clients having really positive out-comes so as it’s creeping closer to Christmas I thought it was the right time to do it again.

So here it is:

The High Vibe 6 Week Challenge!

Can you drop a dress size in 6 weeks? (or whatever your personal goal is…)

Come to High Vibe 3 times for 6 weeks and see what you can achieve. For the bargain price of £200! Yes that’s not a typo.. £200 for 18 sessions. The only catch, you MUST COMPLETE IT IN 6 WEEKS! No excuses, no missed sessions or they’ll be lost. And if you want to get the most out of it, then watch what you’re putting your body too. OK just to recap:

* 6 weeks X 3 sessions per week = 18 sessions. Your investment £200
* Sessions must be bought as a new block of sessions even current clients (previous sessions will be held on account for you)
* Sessions must be used in a 6 week period following first session
* Any missed sessions will be lost – no excuses.
* Only one 6 week challenge per client (unless buying as a gift)


So what do you say? Are you going to spend the next few months making excuses, or are you going to rise to the challenge?
It’s your call…
Thanks for reading