Happy New Year from High Vibe! Are you up for a challenge? 

Get 2018 off to the right start and take the High Vibe 6-week challenge.  

So, what’s this challenge all about then…? 

Simply come to High Vibe 3 times a week for 6 weeks and let’s see if you can drop a dress size, (or a trouser size gents) or build your arms, get ski-fit or whatever your personal goal is. If you commit to it, and we work together we can achieve it. If you break it down, it’s 3 x 30 minute sessions per week, that’s just 1 ½ hours per week, the equivalent of one normal gym session. Times that by 6 weeks. that’s 18 sessions (or 9 hours!). For just a £200 investment. (that works out to be just £11 a session, which is an absolute steal). 

It’s a great deal, but the catch is you must do 3 sessions a week for 6 weeks. No excuses.

Can you commit to this?

If you’re ready you can  BUY YOUR SESSIONS HERE

There are quite a few clients on their 2nd challenge, so that proves it works. Imagine only 6 weeks from now, you could be feeling much stronger, leaner and fitter. By committing to just 90 minutes a week, for 6 weeks. Invest in yourself…


T’s and C’s below:

* Sessions must be bought as a new block of sessions even current clients (previous sessions will be held on account)
* Sessions must be used in a 6-week period following first session
* Any missed sessions will be lost – no excuses.