Meet Gianni Ingrosso

Personal Trainer, East Dulwich


Gianni Ingrosso is the Founder and Managing Director at High Vibe. Having experienced the amazing effects of this groundbreaking technology in 2008, Gianni wanted more people to benefit from Vibration Training. A fully qualified Personal Trainer, Gianni believes that Vibration Training is the most effective way of quickly improving health and fitness. Gianni lives in Nunhead with his partner Gill and their 3 children Ayla, Zach and Esme.

Gianni is currently your dedicated High Vibe trainer. New PT’s will be arriving shortly!

“I started coming to High Vibe about 6 years ago. Since then I’ve lived in a different city, even a different country, and tried all sorts of different gyms and exercise classes but I still keep coming back! For me, High Vibe really is the best place for improving and maintaining my core strength and muscle tone. It’s super flexible so you can easily fit it into your day which means there’s no excuse! And as there’s only 3 plates you get pretty much one on one training from Gianni which means everything is tailored to your needs.” // Claire Gray
“Great place to get a full body work out but without feeling pushed…results are quick and high vibe staff are friendly ….a great gym with very reasonable prices compared with other power plate studio.” // Louise Mason
“Perfect for busy people who can’t spend two hours in the gym. And the results are amazing. Couldn’t recommend it more.” // Benedetta Pinelli
“I have been going to High Vibe since they opened, it ticks all the boxes for me.. it is local, short and sweet, and with some hard work, you really see results. They offer a free first session too, so I recommend you give it a go to see for yourself.” // Suzie Godfrey