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At High Vibe, our workouts are SAFE, FUN & EFFECTIVE with the guidance of a personal trainer.


Exercising on a Vibration plate causes your muscles to contract at very high speeds.


Your entire body is stimulated so we can target muscles that are infrequently used and difficult to activate and strength.


We always tailor the session to you and consider any injuries or issues you may have and your current level of fitness.



Brilliant studio, 5 mins from my house. High Vibe is great as I can pop in on my way home from work and then go pick the kids up. It’s super effective and I get so much more from those 30 mins than I would at the gym. High Vibe is perfect if you’re “too busy” to exercise. Love it.”

Sonja T

"I came to High Vibe Post Natal, hoping to lose weight and get fitter. I lost over 7.5kg in 6 weeks! I’d recommend High Vibe, especially to mums with limited time who want fast results.”

Catherine M

“I have recently had some ‘bone surgeries’ and I have also used Gianni in my rehab program, increasing my bone density (and it’s also a great way to save off Osteoporosis). Whether you are looking to increase your muscle mass, rehabilitate yourself or just become stronger and fitter, it’s worth asking for a trial session. It really has worked wonders for me and has changed my body shape.”

Shain J 

6 Melbourne Grove, East Dulwich


SE22 8QZ

Tel: 02086933955



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